Pikmi Terms and Conditions for Passengers

These General Terms set forth the main terms and conditions applying to and governing the agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “Driver” or Dispatch Rider) and Pikmi regarding usage of the Pikmi Driver’s App for the purpose of providing Transportation and or Delivery Services.

Pikmi is a web-based App for ordering Transportation, Meals, Groceries, Medicine and Delivery services; it communicates service requests to the service providers who have been registered as users of the Pikmi platform. The private limited company Pikmi Global Co. Ltd. (registry code 1547778), founded in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is the holder of rights and service provider of the Pikmi App and the operation of the App in Nigeria is carried out by Pikmi Global Co. Ltd.

  1. Using the Pikmi App

1.1 The use of the Pikmi App requires installation of the software and registration of a user account. During the installation of the Pikmi App, the mobile number of the Pikmi service user is linked to the respective user account and added to the database.

1.2 When using the Pikmi App, the user can choose whether he/she wishes to pay in cash or via in-App payment for the transportation service to the driver. Once a payment option has been selected, the user cannot change this.

1.3 Any complaints can be sent to our support team via email support@pikmi.net, through the Pikmi App by using the support button, or by calling our support line +2349038881841, +2349038881842 (available on weekdays 09.00-22.00 W.A.T).

  1. Pikmi in-App payment conditions (available only in certain countries, please follow instructions on your local application)

2.1 In-App payments can be made by a user of the Pikmi App who has included his/her card on the App.

2.2 When making in-App payments, the receiver of the payment is Pikmi Global Co. Ltd., who forwards the received payment to the transportation service provider.

2.3 When making in-App payments, a service fee is added per each order of transportation service. The named service fee includes payment commission fees, incl. Visa / MasterCard service fees. The amount of the service fee is displayed in the mobile App. In the event that the in-App payment intermediary enacts a fee for the usage of the payment service, which has to be paid by the customers separately, then the named fees are not included in the Pikmi credit card and in-App payment fee.

2.4 The intermediation of card payments in the Pikmi App is carried out through Paystack pursuant to the following Terms & Conditions: https://paystack.com/terms.

2.5 Pikmi shall be responsible for the functioning of card payments and offers card owners support in solving problems. The resolution of in-App payment related disputes also takes place through Pikmi in cases where the issue is directly related to the in-app payment process. The contact for Pikmi in-App payment support service is: support@pikmi.net and phone number +2349038881841 or +2349038881842. Inquiries submitted by e-mail shall receive a response within 5 working days. Pikmi shall resolve all in-App payment related complaints and applications upon complete clarity on the issue within four business days.

2.6 When offering in-App payments, Pikmi acts as the economic agent of transportation service providers by intermediating payments made in the Pikmi App. The obligation of the customer in front of the transportation service provider shall be considered fulfilled as of the moment when the payment order is made for the payment of funds into the Pikmi bank account. Pikmi shall not be responsible for the exercise of the customer’s payment order.

  1. Ordering or Cancelling a Transportation or Delivery Order

3.1 If the Pikmi App user orders a service and the driver, partner or agent has confirmed the receipt of service then the service is considered pre-ordered.

3.2 Cancelling the use of an ordered service is considered to be the situation where the driver, partner or agent has been notified about the receipt of an order and the Pikmi App user waives the use of the ordered service after a notice has been

3.3 Cancelling the use of an ordered service is also considered to be the situation where the user of the Pikmi App or people whom the service was ordered for do not appear in the vehicle or specified delivery location within 10 minutes as of the time when the driver or delivery agent notified them about the arrival of the vehicle in its destination.

3.4 In case of cancelling the pre-ordered service the Pikmi App user is required to pay 700 Naira as a penalty fee in the case of transportation and is also required to pay a 100% value for cases of purchase orders. In the event that the Pikmi user notifies about the cancelling of service within 5 minutes as of receiving of the notification concerning the receipt of the order through Pikmi, the user does not have to pay the penalty fee.

3.5 We have the right to revoke the right to use the App if the user has waived the use of services on 3 successive instances in a 24 hour period. In that case the App notifies the user about the number of cancellations and after waiving the 3rd time,
Pikmi cancels the usage right. Pikmi usage right can be cancelled for up to six months. After that the user can reactivate his/her user account by contacting the local team via email. Access to Pikmi App can also be revoked on the basis of harassment, providing false information/allegations and engaging in any criminal activities.

  1. Use of the Pikmi App

4.1 Pikmi is a mobile App that enables persons requiring Transportation, Meals, Groceries, Medicine and Delivery services to find a suitable provider closest to them.

4.2 The use of the Pikmi App is based on a non-exclusive licence issued by Pikmi Global Co. Ltd. The licence agreement is valid for a non-limited period and is free of charge for the customer. In case of any faults in the software, we shall endeavour to correct them as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the functionality of the App may be restricted due to occasional technical errors and we are not able to guarantee unlimited faultless functioning of the App at all times. We shall also accept no liability for any losses incurred as a consequence of the Pikmi App not functioning or not being usable in the desired manner. In the event that the customer’s right to use the App is cancelled, the corresponding non-exclusive licence shall also be repealed.

4.3 As the Pikmi App is primarily a link between customers, merchants and transportation service providers, Pikmi cannot influence or take any responsibility for the quality or defects of the service. Driver and or Delivery partners are not employees and for this reason, we are unable to guarantee consistently accurate and faultless provision of transportation services located via Pikmi. For resolving complaints please contact our support team (referred to in clause 1.3).

4.4 The Pikmi App does not constitute an offer or brokerage of service for customers. The Pikmi App is not a means for organising the provision of pre-order services. It is also not an agency service for finding customers for transportation providers.

4.5 The consumer’s right of refund (withdrawal) is not applied to Pikmi App orders.

4.6 A rider must be 18 and above to register and ride. If a rider in under the age of 18, he or she must be accompanied by someone who is 18 years or older. Unaccompanied minors are not to be in rides and Pikmi bears no liability for unaccompanied minors.

4.7 The Pikmi App is set up to help people move from point A to B and is also a means for the delivery of parcels. Pikmi shall not be held liable for missing or undelivered parcels. A rider must also be accountable for their items during a ride.

4.8 Pikmi would help to recover lost and forgotten items only in the event that these items are found by the driver-partner. Furthermore, these recovered items that have been taken to the Pikmi office have a 14-day time span to be retrieved after which Pikmi will not be held liable for them.

  1. By registering an account with Pikmi, a customer shall accept the following conditions

5.1 Pikmi shall have the right to add the personal data of the App user to the Pikmi database and to forward the personal data to service providers in accordance with Pikmi ́s Privacy Policy https://pikmi.net/privacy/.

5.2 Pikmi shall have a right to make unilateral amendments to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and to relinquish the database to third parties. We may notify users of changes to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

5.3 Pikmi shall be entitled to transfer the database of personal data to third parties without prior notification of the App users. In case of a transfer of the business or the database, the rights and conditions arising from this licence agreement shall be transferred as well.

5.4 Pikmi shall be entitled to forward personal data and bank data to credit card and mobile payment intermediaries.

5.5 Pikmi has the right to send marketing messages and authentication codes through SMS messages.

5.6 Pikmi only encourages the use of 2 modes of payments i.e. Cash payment and the in-App payment (Card). Pikmi bears no liability on damages that may occur outside the outlined acceptable payment methods.

  1. Good practice of using the Pikmi App

6.1 As Pikmi is not a provider or broker of the services, we are unable to influence the quality of the service. Any issues with defects or quality of the service shall be resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations of the service provider or the relevant supervisory authority.

6.2 Pikmi is committed to contributing to improvement of the quality of offered services. For this reason, we continuously collate ratings and ask to fill out a feedback form in the Pikmi App. This enables us to offer suggestions to the transportation service providers for improving the quality of their service.

6.3 We expect that the users of the Pikmi App use the App in good faith and are respectful of the partners and agents who offer their services through Pikmi.

6.4 Pikmi shall make every effort to ensure that only drivers, merchants and delivery agents who have integrity and are respectful of their profession and customers, use the Pikmi App. However, we are in no position to guarantee that
every provider of the service chain, located via the Pikmi App, satisfies the aforementioned criteria at all times. If you experience objectionable transportation service, please notify the company responsible for the service, a supervisory authority or our support team (referred to in clause 1.3).

6.5 In the event that we receive a complaint, which has an element of the commission of a crime by a service provider, the Customer shall make a formal complaint to the Nigerian Police Force, and report is tendered, and the service provider shall cooperate with the Nigeria Police Force in ensuring that the allegations contained in the complaint are diligently investigated.

6.6 In the event that a user makes an allegation against a driver, merchant or delivery agent especially in events where details of partners are shared online, driver, merchant or delivery partners reserve the right to seek legal redress and may pursue legal recourse against damages to their character.

  1. Free rides referral campaign

7.1 Pikmi may reward riders with up to NGN1000 discount code for every new unique rider they invite to use the App. Discount codes are only applicable when the card payment option is selected.

7.2 The reward code will only be valid if the new rider uses Pikmi’s mobile payments for the first ride.

7.3 Pikmi has the right to void any discount codes and block rider accounts if it suspects any fraudulent activities and charge the rider for the damages caused.

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