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Experience rides in style and comfort like non-other

Embark on a transformative voyage where every moment is meticulously curated for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Our rides redefine elegance and comfort, creating a journey that resonates with opulence.

Immerse yourself in a world where every detail, from the plush interiors to the unrivaled service, is crafted to elevate your travel experience. This is not just transportation; it’s a symphony of sophistication and convenience, where every ride is a testament to a lifestyle defined by unparalleled style and comfort.

Your wellness is essential, and Pikmi makes it easy to access health products

Get medications and healthcare products delivered to you exactly when and where you need it.

We are the pharmacy courier you never knew you needed. We handle the to and fro so you don’t have to. Picking up supplies has never been this simple. We ensure high-quality service all through your shopping experience.

Be rest assured that your well-being is always within reach, with convenient delivery options.

Your favorite restaurants at your doorstep

Order what you’re craving anytime you like and get it delivered to you at your doorstep .Satisfy your culinary cravings with ease by exploring a diverse selection of Chain of restaurants. Taste a variety of flavours l with our wide selection of restaurants including your favourite local spot.

Enjoy your favorite meals from popular eateries without leaving your home. Order and pay with just a few clicks and pay with your preferred method; cash, or card.

Follow your order’s journey. Stay updated at every stage with real-time notifications.

Purchase fresh and locally sourced foodstuff using Pikmi

Our Services are designed to reduce your shopping burden for household supplies and ensure you get value for your money. All household foodstuffs are directly from your preferred local markets, with prompt delivery and good customer services.

Support local vendors while ensuring you have access to the best ingredients for your meals.

Simplify grocery experience by using the Pikmi app.

Find a wide variety of products to meet all your household needs, from fresh produce to regular supplies, all available at your fingertips. Stock up groceries faster. Avoid long queues and plenty stress. Save time, stress and money when you shop from our online supermarket. Order as much groceries as you want and receive same-day delivery. Our wide selection of groceries includes fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, toiletries, beauty products, cleaning products, snacks, drinks, alcohol, canned goods, medicines, office supplies, and lots more. Because we have a variety assortment of groceries, you‘ll be sure to find all your everyday essentials here.

Tell us what you need to get delivered and we will get it done in minutes

Pikmi Courier Services is designed for small or medium businesses and individuals who need to get items delivered to a designated location in minutes. Businesses such as restaurants and retail stores can now get items delivered to their customers in minutes using the Pikmi Courier option available on the Pikmi App and at the same time keep track of the journey of the item in real time.

The Pikmi courier option also allows users to request customized delivery, for instance; you need to buy specific items or from a specific store, pick up a forgotten item, pick up a waybill, refill your gas, pick up or deliver documents to any location.

Pikmi Courier is speedy, safe, reliable, and we deliver in minutes.

Discover rides, home deliveries and local market purchase like no other place

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